Unbearable pain was replaced with numbness”
Nick was taking a roadtrip in Bulgaria with some of his friends. Five of them were riding off-road bikes down the side of a mountain when Nick lost control of the bike and realized he had to crash the bike to halt the wild ride. Nick hit a tree and somersaulted twice, the bike’s pedal tearing his leg open.
After the accident, Nick and his friends had to search for a hospital; the only place they can find is small and primitive, and the doctors refuse to speak English until they realize the boys have money. Nick’s leg is patched up, but there are no antibiotics available. Nick continues the journey, but is forced to seek medical help again when the wound is infected.
The ordeal leave the nerves around the scar dead and permanently insensitive.
The young, happy mood was wound up wildly. We stepped on the speeder and lost control.”
Cathrine was 18 years old, intoxicated and heading to town with four of her friends. She doesn’t remember if the driver was drunk - but he drove too fast and lost control in a curve of the road, propelling the car over the side of the road and down a slope. Catherine lost consciousness. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, and the force of the crash sent her flying through the back window. Catherine was in surgery for most of the night as the surgeons did their best to put the shredded skin of her arm back together
It was a dark night, and it had consequences. What followed was six months of anxiety - it was a rough time to be a mechanic.”
Nikolaj was at a party, and was getting a ride home from a friend. His friend was drunk, and lost control of the car in a curve of the road. They hit a concrete block in the ditch, and the car flipped over. The roof was pressed down on the passengers, and the skin on Nikolaj’s skull was tightened so harshly that it broke open behind his ear.
After the accident, Nikolaj had to get his anxiety under control in order to keep his job as a mechanic.
It took about a year and a half to get back on my feet, but the experience hasn’t left med permanently frightened. I plan to get back on the horse again this year.” Christine was exercising her horse by herself, when a loud noise nearby spooked the animal. Despite being a trained rider, she was thrown from the saddle and sustained an injury to her spine.
After the accident, Christine spent 3 weeks in the hospital, 
recovering from a surgery where a metal rod was inserted alongside the crushed vertebrae.